Cloud Solutions

Scalability, data security, cost reduction, and mobility are some of the few prime advantages of cloud computing solutions. With its continual and rapid adoption across companies ranging from SMEs to large scale organizations, cloud computing is refining every industry from its roots. The communications industry is one of such key industries that employ cloud technology called Cloud Telephony to enable small businesses in setting up a call center and offer services such as IVR, call recording etc.

In addition to the advanced technologies like cloud computing, the communication industry has also been using bulk SMS service in digital marketing as it is an essential, cheap, effective, and profitable digital marketing tool in countries with fast-growing mobile phone users. From big brands to small startups, most of the firms are using bulk SMS as their major marketing tool to attract users with offers, discounts, new product launches etc.

Leverage our services to take your digital transformation to the cloud

Server infrastructure is the backbone of all modern enterprises. Every digital service is delivered to end-users from a hosting server over the internet. With servers playing such an integral role in business operations, performance and reliability are vital. For those who neglect to maintain or upgrade their hosting infrastructure are bound to lose a distinct competitive advantage.

Our cloud strategy consulting team believes that technology should never be a limiting factor for business success. With responsive, reliable hosting infrastructure, you can focus on service development rather than fighting fires. All modern cloud platforms offer partial or fully native support for a variety of bleeding-edge technologies. This means you can choose the right tools for the job without making any sacrifices.

Our expertise

Our cloud implementation strategy consultants offer platform-specific knowledge during the assessment and implementation phase of your digital transformation. With such specialist knowledge, we can help you minimize costs and maximize return on investment through a careful optimization of your cloud infrastructure and applications.
We are at the forefront of cloud adoption, collaborating with our clients to choose best-of-breed platforms and tools that help you achieve key business objectives. Our team can help you to migrate pre-existing datasets to the cloud, overcoming incompatibilities so you can hit the ground running.

Our range of cloud strategy services include:

  • Cloud migration
  • Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service
  • Cloud managed services
  • Cloud analytics consulting

Traverse the Cloud with DigialZeg Virtual

With the explosive growth of digital service consumption across the world, you need the right infrastructure and software to keep up with demand. We focus on a cloud-first approach, leveraging the value of cloud-native software and hardware solutions to help our clients achieve their vision.

We can step in at any stage of your digital transformation in the cloud, identifying and implementing solutions that promote long-term growth for your business. Our cloud strategy team offers platform-agnostic consulting services, allowing you to pick and choose between best-in-breed cloud platforms to maximize the functionality of your cloud network. Schedule a free consultation with our cloud experts to start your digital transformation in the cloud.