Content marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic approach to marketing, focusing on providing useful content around relevant subjects for your target market. By creating and distributing content that people benefit from, engage with and share in their sphere of influence, you drive profitable customer actions.

The key to successful content marketing isn’t the quantity of content an organisation provides, but the quality of that content. The content needs to be targeted to the right part of the buyer’s journey, provide useful material and encourage engagement and conversion. We call this “Content Of Value”.

Content marketing strategy development

To maximise the effectiveness of your content marketing, you’ll need a content marketing strategy. This strategy combines elements of SEO such as keyword research with platform preferences, trends, content types, personas and your supporters or buyers journey.

Our team work alongside you to develop, guide and refine your strategy. This is done with tools and insights we designed specially for our customers. These increase engagement and develop on-going trusted relationships with your customers.

Content calendar

As part of our bespoke planning process, we develop a content calendar full of ideas for long form and short form content. Our content is designed to hit both search engine and social media goals, and build organic growth to your brand.

Our content calendars include evergreen content as well as seasonal content planned in advanced. We are always on hand for news jacking and trend-jacking content. If you are unsure of these content types, or the many others available to optimise your content marketing efforts, we’re able to help. Our fully managed clients don’t need to worry, our team take care of this for you as standard.

For those working with your in-house team, we provide training and resources in content marketing. We’d also be happy to discuss per project support.

Get your marketing on the right track

If you’re looking to get on track with your marketing, then get in contact with our friendly team today. Whether it’s a fully managed account, support getting started, or training in becoming a content marketing expert, we’d be happy to go over your options and get you started.