Copywriting that speaks to the heart & head

How we craft words has a profound impact on achieving the results we are hoping for. Words can inspire, challenge and comfort, or they can bore people and confuse them.

A great writer is like a good painter, who knows exactly where to put the light and the shade in a painting. They encapsulate an image that an audience will want to spend time exploring. Words can pull the audience in, taking them on a compelling journey. They help people visualise things that they can’t see, and feel emotions beyond their own experiences. Words help people feel like their part of someone else’s journey and can encourage others to care about the things that you care about, enticing them to want to engage with your brand, mission or movement.

Copywriting for people and search

Writing copy for your website can seem pretty straightforward. Many of us write regularly, and the temptation to write your website and blogs is understandable.

Before you do, have you thought about your SEO?

SEO copywriting is a skill in its own right. Writing so people enjoy reading your page or article, while putting words in the right places the right the right amount of times is tricky. Can you be sure to get it….right?

Our team of copywriters create online content for people and search, meaning we know how to compel someone to act as well as get search engines to find you. Through our creative copy, we build page and domain authority, add high-quality, reliable links and structure website copy, so that it’s digestible.

Blog writing that gets results

Along with good copy, Google rewards websites that regularly post new and useful content. This is a big part of why blog writing for businesses is so popular. Writing regularly can make you stand out.

There is a word of caution here however. Sometimes as a business owner or part of the team, you can get too close to the subject. You start using “in-speak” and assumed knowledge. Soon your blog content is only useful to the people inside your organisation, and they already know you.

Our copywriters help keep your website fresh and approachable. We’re able to provide content ideas for each part of the buyer’s journey. As professional writers, many of whom have written for news outlets, we’re used to pitching great ideas, researching topics thoroughly and keeping the audience coming back for more.

Connect with more people

If you want to improve your SEO or increase your conversion rates contact our team to discuss your copywriting needs. Our professional copywriters are happy to improve what you have already or write new content from scratch. It all starts with an email.