Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all marketing taking place online or through digital platforms. It encompasses other forms of marketing including content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and more. Put simply any marketing you partake in online is part of digital marketing.

What was once an industry dominated by banner ads and forum posts is now an integral part of any business strategy. As the internet has grown, so too has digital marketing. With the regular updates to online platforms comes the challenge to keep up to date. Each time Google updates its algorithm, digital marketers adapt their behaviour to keep appearing in search results for example. Each time social media platforms bring out a new feature or upgrade an old one, digital marketing professionals adapt to these changes.

With the huge growth of mobile technology, smart devices and voice search, digital marketing has grown to become the most effective way to connect with people looking for your product or service. But managing this process can be time-consuming.

Digital marketing services

As a digital marketing agency, we work alongside you to achieve your goals. By providing you with up to date marketing strategies, regular digital content and public relations services, we generate attention for your brand, product or service and generate tangible leads.

Our team have worked with some of the biggest names in business and the charity sector. They include Bill Gates from Microsoft and Stelios Haji-loannou from EasyJet. Our content team have produced primetime video services for the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and more while our writers and photographers have been published in national newspapers.

By bringing together experts in business, charity and media, we offer an unrivalled digital marketing experience.

Digital marketing strategy

Becoming successful online starts with a strategy. Knowing what keywords you want to be found under, if you should concentrate on search results or social media, what content types and styles will appeal to your customers most. We help you plan all this and more to get you on the right track.

We’ll help you develop a buyer’s journey and create a strategy to reach people in each stage. We can then train you and your team in how to implement the strategy or you can let our team do the hard work for you so you can concentrate on turning leads into sales.