Email Marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful and useful way to build a loyal customer base. Save time and increase sales with email automation.

Email marketing management

Email marketing is still one of the most useful tools for any digital marketer. With incredible conversion rates when appropriately applied, email marketing is an integral part of the buyer’s journey.

Whether you’re looking to run an email campaign once a month, sporadically or more frequently you’ll need support to encapsulate the minds of your audience and encourage engagement.

Our team work with you to provide email marketing strategy development, management and distribution services. We help you get your emails opened, read and generate leads. By working with you, we make sure your emails coincide with your sales projections, product/services launches and impact milestones.

Email automation

For more advanced email campaigns we can help you develop automated emails. These include retargeting and rewarding customers, automated digital product delivery, or annual event emails like birthday messages.

By personalising your email marketing campaigns, you build on-going relationships, that lead to repeat business and brand loyalty.

For small to medium business owners, automation is one less task to have to do in what is often an already busy schedule. Automation can help you successfully grow your following and sell your product or service without you needing to take any additional action.

Stand out with unique design

Your emails need to excite people and stand out from the spam.

Our design and development teams provide fully responsive custom email templates to give your emails that unique touch. We’re able to provide you with bespoke designs that compliment your website and print material.

For those of you who want to really wow your customers, we’re able to combine your campaigns with our PR team, helping you partner with like-minded brands and find unique content of value for your audience.

Discuss your email marketing needs today

Each email campaign is different. We're here to help guide you to success. Whether this is your first endeavour or you're looking for an agency that can take your campaigns further. We're a friendly team who are happy to discuss it with you.