Honest organic approach

Our SEO specialists take an honest, organic approach to search engine optimisation. Otherwise known as a white hat approach.

By combining thorough research with best practice in content marketing, digital PR and technical SEO, we create a safe, effective approach to increase your search engine ranking organically.

Developing an seo strategy

The first steps to improving SEO rankings is to have a clearly defined SEO strategy. By completing an audit of your website and setting goals based on your type of organisation, we create a strategy that improves ranking with clearly stated tasks and goals.

An SEO strategy by We Do Stories combines suggestions on content and on-page SEO, keywords, link building and technical SEO service.

Some of our SEO services

We offer a variety of services here to get you started and successfully suite every need using Margin.

Website Audit

The first steps to improving your ranking is an website audit of your website. We identify the current performance of your website compared to the potential performance and highlight areas of needed improvement.

On-Page Optimisation

With well-defined keywords, we are able to analyse your on-page content for improvements. We will either write new content or rewrite existing content with new titles, tags, metadata, URLs, headers, image alts and more to fully optimise your page for best results.

Content Creation

Search engines such as Google place great emphasis on regular content and reward websites that produce content people engage with regularly. Our team produce only the best content for your website including optimisation for web copy, videos and podcasts.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential to any SEO, PPC or content strategy. By defining the most searched for terms, competition level and ranking your chance of success we develop the basis for any link building or content adjustments that’ll improve your results

Link Building

Link building is one of the most important factors for ranking well in search results. By creating content that attracts organic linking, developing guest blogging opportunities and providing directory citations drive traffic to your website from high-authority websites.

Tracking & Analytics

SEO isn’t a quick fix solution and needs regular work to keep and improve results. We track how well your website ranks for targeted keywords and optimise your website month on month to get you the best results.