Event Reporting

Event Reporting

Your own branded news team

Whether you’re running an event or an attendee, a great way to connect with more people and drive attention online is to report your experiences online. Our team use their journalistic backgrounds to create compelling content for your brand.

As the organisation putting on the event, our content helps create a buzz around your event encouraging attendees to engage further and share their experience as well as building interest in future events.

For event attendees reporting from the event helps you stand out and encourages other attendees to connect with you socially. Perfect for getting noticed without the expensive costs of advertising.

Event reporting

By taking photos, sharing quotes and providing insights to the day’s events you’ll help your brand stand out. Use the hashtag from the event, and you’re likely to gain followers and improve digital engagements.

We’ve used these techniques time and time again to grow social channels, but it takes time and a unique set of skills to do it properly.

Our team use their journalistic backgrounds to create online content quickly. From photos, graphics and short animations to video or audio interviews, highlight reels and clips of the events best moments.

Our coverage is like having your own news team supporting your brand.

International reporting

Over the 20 plus years, our team have worked in the media industry we’ve built up a lot of contacts around the world. We’ve built professional relationships with media experts in the USA and Europe giving us an international reach.

We’re now allowing your organisation to benefit from our reach by sending one of our reportage teams to cover an event in their country on your behalf. While you’re at home, our teams will attend the event to create branded content for you. As you can imagine this significantly reduces your costs while growing your reputation.

Get your own news team today

Stand out at any event with one of our event reporting news team. Fully branded as your team.