Meet the real people behind the DigitalZeg Virtual

Welcome to our band of the best creative minds at the digital frontier. As Digital natives, we’re a very diverse bunch of geeks and artists who share one common passion: Digital! We believe that our diverse experiences and relentless focus on the client experience is what makes us stand out.

Jordan Taylor

Jordan Taylor

Creative Director

Katherine Hibbs

Head of Content

Pankaj K Thakur

Head of Customer Acquisition

Preity Üpala

Corporate Communications Lead

Jagdish Chandra

Director of Operations

Rohith KS

Associate Vice President

Laura Trillaud

Product Manager

Puneet Thakur

Marketing & Digital Director

Alexandre Zanella

Head of Inside Sales

Hemant Kumar

Web developer

Rosalia Miron

Senior Sales Manager

Thomas Bouquet

PR & Communications Manager