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Video production is without a doubt the most effective tool for digital marketing. According to Forbes 90% of customers says that video has helped them make a buying decision. What’s more, YouTube, a website dedicated to sharing video content is the second most popular website on the internet. The first being its parent company, Google.

The role of video production for marketing is increasing with sites like Facebook and LinkedIn providing native video sharing for their users. Apps like Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram, through stories and IGTV are focusing more and more on video both for its users and advertisers.

As a video production company, we keep track of how video production is evolving online. Our team of video marketing strategists can help you plan your video marketing efforts to maximise engagement and reach.

Broadcast standard for digital media

As the popularity of digital media grew so did the expectation of high-quality video production. The days of grainy footage with crackling sound is over. Now audiences on all platforms expect broadcast quality production.

The goal of our founders when creating We Do Stories was to bring that broadcast quality to digital video production. By hiring teams from the broadcast industry and investing in the same professional equipment they used for the likes of the BBC, Discovery and National Geographic.

These days the team has grown but the standards remain. Our crew have worked on primetime television programmes as well as on digital content with some of the UK’s biggest YouTube stars.

Our online video content has received hundreds of thousands of views and has even been picked up for distribution by Channel 4.

In-house post production facilities

High-quality post-production services is a must-have in order to produce professional quality video content no matter what platform it’s for.

Whether your producing video content for broadcast, online or social media quality matters. That’s why we provide professional grade post-production facilities capable of editing 4k video, creating high-end motion graphics and even virtual reality content.


Animation videos are extremely popular online. From animated explainer videos, corporate video and motivational speeches, animation is a great tool for explaining complex issues simply.

Drone Video

No video production team is complete without drone video services. The popularity of shots from above or smoothly moving across terrain is huge. Our drone pilot is fully licenced (a legal requirement) and insured.

Motion Graphics

Bringing videos to life with motion graphics gives a video more energy and helps provide branding into the video. Whether it’s a moving logo, name and job title or full scene our team can help.

Case Study Videos

Perfect for charities and businesses. Case study videos help provide social proof as well as give compelling content viewers enjoy engaging with. These mini-documentaries speak to the heart as well as the head.

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