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The DigitalZeg Virtual blog works with the objective to share valuable content that is helpful not only to current industry players but also to the new entrants of the industry. We would like to invite prospective writers who have vision or ideas that will challenge our readers and can also be helpful in taking our industry forward. Once the article is submitted, it reaches our expert editors who will proof read it for plagiarism check and if needed provide an extensive feedback on the same.

Our site can be a great Platform for Topics like:

  • Digital Marketing: Trends, new tactics, something new, how-to, case studies, and Infographics
  • SEO: trends, tactics, how-to guide, tips, industry based insights or infographics
  • Content marketing: everything about content writing, blogging, presenting case studies, how to market your niche content
  • Social media: how to promote on different social platforms, tips and tricks to increase social engagement
  • Mobile marketing: app marketing, outstanding tips, how-to guide, etc.
  • Block chain or ICO marketing: new ideas, tips and more
  • Anything and Everything that’s trending in the digital world

Points to consider before submission

  • Content shared needs to be exclusively on our site.
  • Relevant image, screenshot and graph along with the content would be highly appreciated.
  • For smooth processing do share content in .doc or Google doc format.
  • Unique ideas and content would be given higher priority; you can submit more than one content to reduce the risk of duplicity.
  • It might take 2 to 3 business working days for the content to get published on site.
  • To attract more views, content needs to be comprehensive and grammatically apt.
  • Wealthy content comprising of minimum 1000 words will be published; Do not use purposeless words just to increase the word count.
  • Content need to be well-formatted, informative and engage able, it should hold quality and should be authentic as per the industrial standards.
  • Editor reserve rights to remove, edit links and content.
  • We can assure you long term tenure of the content on our site

In case of no feedback, the reasons might be:

  • Your application is incomplete
  • Your article does not adhere to our Guidelines
  • Your content does not involve the crux of the topic.
  • we have already served the same topic before

Following the above points if you think we are perfect platform to showcase your content, then would like to hear from you on contact@digitalzeg.com